Little Pricks Tattoo
11815 North FM 620
Austin, TX 78750
M, Tues & Thurs-Sat

I am a tattoo artist in Austin, TX. Serving the Lakeline, Cedar Park, Round Rock, Central Texas area. I love tattooing and drawing illustration style color art the most. I do enjoy a fancy script lettering or black and grey tattoo as well, but the detailed colorful pieces are what I do best. Anything artistic dealing with nature and animals are a big plus in my book. The details are what make a good, experiencend artist a great one. That accompanied with a friendly, courteous attitude and light hand.

I started tattooing in April of 2007. I apprenticed for a year in a shop called Area 51 in Wilmington, NC under Sean Beck. I left my home of Wilmington in late 2007 and worked in Greensboro, NC at a shop called Little John's before moving to Austin, TX. I worked in a shop called Atomic Tattoo for a few months before taking a break from tattooing for a while to pursue other endeavors. I had friends in Austin that loved my style and wanted new peices, so I started working on an appointment based level in the fall of 2010 before working at Tattoo 23 on S 1st St full time. I've been traveling since then, tattooing in Chicago and New Haven, CT before coming back to Austin permanently to work at Little Prick's Tattoo located on FM 620 in the Lakeline area, beside the Noble Pig.





Check the tattoos section for a small portfolio. I always have a large section of original drawings that I'm wanting to tattoo for a discounted price. If you're interested in any of the designs just email me and we'll set up a consultation. I tattoo appointments and walk-ins. Email me or stop by Little Pricks Tattoo. Also check me out on Instagram. I post work there more often than anywhere else.

"Lord here I am, but I am no one. Believe in Your name;
believe in your Son. If you meet me here I will wait on you.
Sacrifice and serve, do what you want me to."