meta name="description" content="Custom Tattoo Artist serving the Austin, Cedar Park, Lakeline, Pfluegerville and Round Rock, TX area. Specializing in Color and Black and Grey tattoos. Working at Little Prick's Tattoo on Hwy 620 beside the Noble Pig.">

My name is Christopher Hedlund. I’m an artist by trade. I draw, paint, illustrate, tattoo, graphic design, build things out of wood, carve stone, make tattoo machines, take cars apart and put them back together, play music, design web sites and pretty much anything else I can get my hands into really. I’ve always had this need to create; to be able to take the things I see in my mind and make them into something tangible I can hold in my hands. I am always wanting to further my love of art and my need to create. There will never be a day that I am satisfied with where I am as an artist. I try to push myself to keep my end goal progression and progression alone.

I take commission pieces in several mediums as I have the opportunity, as well as custom tattoos on a daily basis. Contact me through email to set up a consultation and we’ll see what we can get rolling.

You can find me most days at Little Pricks Tattoo in Austin, TX; but you can always find me here. I used to travel a lot. I'm trying to be more settled these days. Having a family will do that to ya!